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A Poem by Joy Lennick

Joy LennickAs an evacuee in World War 11 (up a mountain in South Wales), I read my library books by candlelight: frightening tales by the Brothers Grimm and magical stories by Hans Christian Andersen. That was it, I was hooked. Books always featured as presents and I loved nothing better than putting words on a blank page. I wrote a modest play, which was acted on the school stage, plus short stories and simple poems. With maturity, came marriage and three sons. I wore many hats in the business world and was offered the chance to write a factual book (having ran a small hotel with my husband) aptly called Running a Small Hotel. I updated a few other authors’ books and wrote another factual book: Jobs in Baking & Confectionery. Poetry followed, and when I retired to Spain with my ‘other half,’ I won first prize in the

lst International Short Story competition held in Torrevieja. Hurricane Halsey, a true sea adventure followed (as biographer), then my memoir My Gentle War, containing excerpts from my late father’s war diary written in France was published.  My most recent book The Catalyst is my first faction novel. I am a group leader for the local U3A writing class, and belong to WordPlay, who have published several anthologies containing some of my short stories. My husband has just hand-written his memoir: A Life Worth Living, which I edited (just published) and I’ve recently finished ‘semi-ghosting’ another book for publishing in the new year.

PS I’m rubbish with a computer…Wing and a prayer comes to mind!

Joy Lennick


Lament of a Sheep Farmer

My lambs are dancing the lambardo...
My ram is nearly deranged;
my once docile sheep
(sometimes half asleep)
are, all at once, acting so strange.

'Betty' was found in a stupor:
her eyes crossed, and smiling was she,
While Larry the lamb -
(the current flock's 'ham')
nearly jumped as high as a tree.

'Benjie' was found,
whirling around...
as fast as a Dervish on speed,
while Bella - my 'fave'
just wouldn't behave,
their antics I couldn't believe.

Ioan Richard, the Councillor, was fuming,
"I've never seen such a  sight," he opined.
"Those psychotic sheep
have ruined my sleep,"
he left and his teeth he did grind.

Some villagers found it quite funny,
they guffawed and said "What a lark!"
But the sheepdogs and shepherds got busy,
and peace reigned, once again,
in Craig Cefn Parc.

Copyright © 2016 Joy Kennick