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"Chris Smedbakken is a non-binary writer and journalist from Sweden, with a special fondness for tea, lasagna, cats and adventure. They're dedicated to the Swedish LGBTQ and feminist movements and also plays the violin and probably way to much video games. When settling down with friends for a round of good old tabletop RPG, Chris is the game master.

They are that kind of person who would rather give you a story than an introduction. You would be hard put to find something that doesn’t inspire them. Feed them a theme and they'll give you back a text, it’s almost as simple as that. Their writing consists of equal parts late night thoughts, lived life and improbable fantasy - all infused with a healthy amount of humor.

But they're not just a writer, although writing is a major player in the love triangle of their life. Chris is also a musician, a photographer, an explorer, a gamer and a dreamer of far fetched dreams. How that adds up to a triangle, they attribute to their cat and the Universe. Those two conspire sometimes when they think Chris is not listening. 

In the way of literature, Chris is a devoted reader of everything by Carlos Ruiz Zafón, H.P Lovecraft, Neil Gaiman, Patrick Rothfuss and Anne Rice. Music-wise they fill their ears and their home with the tunes of David Bowie, Queen, Blind Guardian, Korn and others. As you might guess from this, Chris' music taste is not very consistent. As long as it has feeling and can inspire, it’s their cup of tea. Whether it’s Mozart or Lady Gaga is of less importance.

Currently they (Chris, that is, not Mozart and Lady Gaga) are working, chapter by chapter, on a dark modern fantasy novel about the daughter of an ancient family of mages, who uncovers a  sinister conspiracy threatening to literally devour everything supernatural. Chapters from this same novel will turn up in their Section from time to time. Feel free to join in on the journey!"

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Website: …these grains of sand


Reddit: voeko