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David Swan

I have been writing on and off for ten years mainly as an amateur writing poems to go with a spiritual journey I was on. I then took a BA Hons in Creative Writing in 2014 and started to write short-stories and novellas. I am influenced by the greats such as Hesse, Orwell and Kerouac but also other writers such as Ruth Ozeki and Robert  Seethaller.

My own writing seems to be a patch work quilt of old poems, flash-fiction, a couple of novellas and one YA novel all transcending different genres. I like to think my short-stories are trying to explain they way I see the world in simple forms and also some in abstract. Please just click on my link and browse around and if you can purchase a copy that will go towards editors fees. Thanks


One of David’s stories is available on Kindle for free.

In this long short-story, ‘Once When We Were Human’ the world has been divided into Dogs and Wolves. The powerless and the powerful. Unlike other dystopian tales of totalitarian governments imposed on society. The oppressive measures have been voted in by an apathetic mass excepting their fate and the destiny offered by their masters.

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