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Phil Nevard

Phil Nevard, URC Minister currently working in South Devon. He has started a blog reflecting on his daily thoughts during his sabbatical motorbike pilgrimage. We have agreed to also share his blog in The Back Road Cafe, but if you want you can go directly to Little Things Please Little Minds.

Phil has said this about his blog:

My first thought is this - how to journal my pilgrimage experience?  I have in mind four methods:

  1. A camera - I will take too many photos!  I'm only taking two lenses - I did want to take three!
  2. A new helmet cam - I can now shoot video whilst actually travelling on the bike!
  3. I had a moleskine notebook and an ink pen for my birthday.  (also coloured pencils for sketching)
  4. It is entirely possible that I will spend more time and effort stressing about recording the experience of my pilgrimage than I will spend actually experiencing the experience of my pilgrimage!  This is a real danger - and yet I find the thought of NOT recording it utterly impossible to contemplate!