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Roberta Rominger is Dale’s wife! This is what she writes about her blog.

I am the pastor of the Congregational Church (United Church of Christ) on Mercer Island, Washington. I serve an intellectually lively congregation that really keeps me on my toes. My sermons are posted on the church website.

I want to share what I'm reading and thinking for several reasons. I really appreciate other people's reading blogs. I want to participate in that community. We've got a brilliant bookstore on the Island, and they will order anything I ask for, and I look to friends and colleagues to point me towards new books that are worth reading.  I also want to offer members of my congregation an insight into what I'm exploring. Some of my reading finds its way into my sermons right away, but much of it lingers in my subconscious, influencing me without necessarily getting quoted. There are many interesting conversations to begin. Don't be shy -- leave me a comment!