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Wilbert was born in a rural village of Marondera in Zimbabwe but was forced to leave his village to seek refuge in Harare because of war in 1978. It was in Harare where he went to school. He did his University studies at the University of Zimbabwe before transferring to Rhodes University in South Africa where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree. He continued to do his Honours Degree at the same University but completed it with the University of South Africa.

While a Minister of Religion in a local congregation in Harare, Wilbert was appointed the Clerk and Administrator of the Presbytery of Zimbabwe in The Uniting Presbyterian Church of Southern Africa, a position he held for seven years. While in office, he went to further his studies at Birmingham University in England, focussing on church administration.

After his time as Clerk and Administrator, the Presbytery of Zimbabwe appointed Wilbert as Moderator of the Presbytery. During his tenure as Moderator he was also appointed the Vice President of the Zimbabwe Council of Churches. This position enabled him to engage with national politicians and thus play a role in the country’s political life on behalf of the churches. As Wilbert himself has said, such a role was not always easy since the Church felt compelled to speak against social, political and economic injustice which always meant challenging to the status quo.

After his time as Moderator and Vice President of the Zimbabwe Council of Churches, Wilbert had more time to focus on his work as the Minister of a local congregation in Hatfield. While in Hatfield, he founded a Private Junior School called Falcon that has had four years of significant growth.

Wilbert presently lives in England where he ministers to a United Reformed church Pastorate in Walsall.