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Battle for the Throne: Tales from Falyncia Book One

A Novel by E. J. Willis

ISBN-10: 1515243192
ISBN-13: 978-1515243199 

The sword quivers in Alaina's hand. With one final stroke, she can slay the gladiator, win back her freedom ... and lose the trust of her people forever. The Kingdom of Falyncia is caught in a battle between a guardian spirit and powerful demon, and Alaina barely escapes with her life. Yet she vows to one day claim the throne. When she finally returns home, the enemy has her in his grasp. Now she must choose between freedom and staying true to her people. If she fails to kill the gladiator, torture awaits. Can she find the courage to face it? Or will the demon triumph again?


E. J. Willis 



E. J. Willis was inspired to write a story for her niece and nephew after she read a dedication from C.S. Lewis to his goddaughter. The idea grew into a life-changing passion. Her friends are often amused (and perhaps a little worried) by her obsession with creating characters and their various trials. She shares her home in the Midwest with two cats and a dog that keep life interesting. While you're waiting for the next book in the Tales from Falyncia series, you can follow her short stories on her website. She'd love to hear from you!



Amazon Reviews

If you're looking for fantasy, sword fights, kingdoms to conquer, a strong heroine, and characters to cheer for, this is your book. E. J. Willis gives readers a protagonist we can love and an antagonist to hate. The story moves quickly and comes to a satisfying end. However, as with many continuing stories, there's enough buildup to leave you wondering what the next book holds. Battle for the Throne, Book 1, is a great beginning for this debut author. Enjoyable, clean read. For YA to adults.
(Linda R)

Battle for the Throne is the story of a young woman’s determination to set her kingdom free at any cost to herself. All in all, it is an entertaining read for adults or mature, older teens who enjoy fantasy and aren’t bothered by fairly non-graphic violence as well as women in combat/torture situations. The story is not terribly complicated. Some of the writing is a bit stilted and some of the dialogue a bit modern for the portrayed setting. 3/5 stars (Perry Elisabeth)

Battle For the Throne is my favorite kind of book. The characters are lifelike and real, the plot line draws you in and holds you, and the descriptions add vivid color to the action of the plot. I cannot wait to read the sequels also.

Loved this book! Exciting and dramatic. Held my interest the whole time I was reading it. Has a little violence, but not too graphic and no bad language. Recommend it for good family reading. (tricky)

A riveting story with charming characters and an underlining christian message.

This was a wonderful book very well written and very exciting. It héld my interest and i could not put it down..I can'nt wait until next one comes out.She is à wonderful writer.