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Black: The Name

by D.B. Halbert


ISBN-10: 0692066969 (paperback)
ISBN-13: 978-0692066966 (paperback)
ASIN: B078R29R2S (eBook)

Black: The Name is available in paperback and eBook for Kindle (also Kindle for Android and iPad - click Kindle for Android) and the Nook. The book can be purchased at the following:
Barnes & Noble

A young girl with a dark magic infused with her soul. Cast from the world she knows in a moment of pure horror for her. Lost, but soon to be found, and accepted by those who would only want the best for her.

Elizabeth Blackswan must find herself, and her place in the world, after having lost everything she has ever held dear or risk becoming the bridge for a great evil to pass into her reality that she was created to be. Not all odds are stacked against her though, as she meets Pearl, Aldrin, and Auburn, and finds place enough in their company, that may very well keep her from breaking.


I am a nobody who wants to be a storyteller, and while that may turn away the agent, publisher, or reader that wants to play it safe in an exclusive club of the elite, I hope that it would stand as a challenge for someone to see, to read something from someone who has never been in the spotlight. I don’t expect this to happen but do not see it as impossible, the question is, who could I get on my side that would be willing to become invested in something completely new. I won’t sit here and try to flatter, it isn’t worth it, if my book isn’t good enough to hold your attention I wouldn’t deserve it, even if I could charismatically convince you that I should.



I really enjoyed this book. It has an imaginative plot and well developed characters. I can't wait for the next book!


Excerpt from Black: The Name

"With the loud crash of her room’s door slamming open, Elizabeth’s head leaps from her pillow waking in a panic. Painful screams bellow through the doorway from the glowing courtyard beyond a black shadow of a heavily breathing figure within the ajar door’s frame. An alien smell of sulfurous smoke cascades into the room past the robed figure of Father Bartholomeus. With heavy breaths from running through the smoke, the priest calls into the room, “Elizabeth, child, come quickly!”

Throwing her sheets off Elizabeth runs to the priest’s side, her thin, frail frame only recently having grown to bring her head to the lower half of Father Bartholomeus’ chest forces her worried expression to look up to him with her concerns. Her long sky-blue hair messily braided falls onto the rushed teen’s mid back as, coming to the sudden stop before the priest, she gazes up to his eyes sheepishly asking, “Father, what’s happening?”

“No time to explain, child, but I believe your parents may know you are here, we must hurry. This way,” the old priest exclaims and his form, gowned in white vestments, turns leaving his back and head of pepper gray hair for Elizabeth to follow.

Without a second thought, Elizabeth gives chase, running into step behind Father Bartholomeus, her bare feet patting softly on the polished stone floor. Outside of her room, Elizabeth looks in terror at a blazing hellish red-orange fire that has consumed most of the temple’s complex. Not slowing to absorb the calamity, Elizabeth desperately keeps pace with the near jog of Bartholomeus. The teen jumps to the priest’s side suddenly as she notices a group of hooded shadows emerges from a room across the courtyard. Their silhouettes move in the distance, shifting and flickering menacingly, as the fires grow and dance around them before their movement takes them into another room next to the one from which they left, seemingly not noticing Father Bartholomeus’ haste deeper into the building."