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Blood Moon

by David Bethel

ISBN-10: 1944056181
ISBN-13: 978-1944056186

Bloodmoon is available in hardcover, paperback and eBook for Kindle (also Kindle for Android and iPad - click Kindle for Android), the Nook, Sony Reader, etc. The book can be purchased at the following:
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Blood Moon
is a big, compelling, entertaining novel about right and wrong, good and evil, choices and responsibilities, and justice and retribution.

On a hot, steamy afternoon in Miami, Cuban-American businessman Recidio Suarez is brutally beaten and abducted.  Handcuffed, shackled and blindfolded, he has no idea why he has been targeted.

What he discovers is heart-stopping.  What he endures during almost a month of captivity compares only to the most horrendous stories of prisoners of war. 

He is tortured, and under the threat of death, and worse – the rape of his wife and torture of his children – Suarez is forced to hand over his multi-million dollar holdings to his captors.  These psychopaths include an ex-con who has served time for embezzlement; his former cellmate whose reputation while in Florida’s notorious Union Correctional Institute was so fearsome, the guards refused to discipline him; Suarez’s business partner whose past includes accusations of pedophilia and murder; and an aspiring NFL football player who was kicked off his college team for attempting to maim a coach.

After draining Suarez’s millions in properties and investments, his captors attempt to murder him.  In what can only be described as a miracle, Suarez survives and then spends the next few months staying one step ahead of the murderous pack.  During this time, he and his lawyer, Nolan Stevens – a former Special Agent in Charge of the Miami Office of the FBI – are having difficulties convincing the Miami-Dade Police Department that a crime has been committed.  Their efforts are complicated by Steven’s difficult history with the head of the MDPD Special Investigations Division, who is not interested in pursuing the case.

Having suffered no consequences for their crime, and wanting to build on their success, the bad guys kidnap a wealthy young couple, but things go haywire.  The couple is accidently killed and the group decides to carve up the bodies and get rid of the remains in the Everglades.

Carolina Suarez, a housewife and mother, whose docile personality and dedication to her family kept her insulated from the vagaries of life throughout her marriage, escapes to her parents’ home in Mexico City.  Upon learning of her husband’s abduction, torture and survival, Carolina returns to Miami and begins a transformation that leads her to the forefront demanding justice for her husband and the other victims.  Not trusting the police, a consequence of her upbringing in her corruption-ridden homeland, she enlists the help of acquaintances from a previous life who make her husband’s captors look like Boy Scouts.

The FBI and CIA jump into this mix of crime and retribution to protect ongoing cases that touch various characters caught up in the investigations.  The federal agencies are determined to prevent the discovery of past activities in Central America, current involvement in the Middle East, and in investigations of gang-related crime in South Florida.

Nowhere but Miami is suited for this tale of crime, murder and intrigue – a beautiful city teeming with beautiful people looking for the easy life, and all too often an easy way to get there.  It is an international hub where multi-million dollar business deals are conducted under the table and trust is in short supply.  Sex, drugs, extortion and murder are part of the fabric of this city.  A city with an elusive moral core. 

Indeed, Blood Moon is a story of one man’s struggle to survive unspeakable evil in the midst of international intrigue complicated by indifference from those who should be seeking justice for the victimized.  In the end, it becomes a tale of vengeance.


J. David Bethel J. David Bethel is a writer of fiction and non-fiction.  He has been published in popular consumer magazines and respected political journals.  He is the author of Evil Town, a novel of political intrigue, and Bloodmoon, a psychological crime thriller inspired by a true story of kidnapping, torture, extortion and murder.

Mr. Bethel spent 35 years in politics and government.  He served in the Senior Executive Service as a political appointee where he was Senior Adviser/Director of Speechwriting for the Secretary of Commerce; directed speechwriting offices for other Cabinet officials, serving as Chief Speechwriter to the Secretary of Education; and lead speechwriter in the Department of Transportation's Office of Policy and International Affairs.  He also served as press secretary/speechwriter to members of U.S. Congress. 

Mr. Bethel works as a media consultant for a number of prominent communications management firms.  He writes speeches, opinion editorials and Congressional testimony for CEOs of the nation’s largest corporations, including the Hilton Hotels Corporation, and Royal Caribbean Lines.  His op-ed pieces have appeared in The Washington Post and other prominent newspapers around the country.  

J. David Bethel graduated with Phi Beta Kappa honors from Tulane University and lives in Miami, Florida.

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Blood Moon is very good...unsettling, terrifying...the kind of book you can't put down...non-stop horror which you read while know that it is based on true events. This kind of story, about something that actually happened, might seem to some readers to be a simple matter of recounting events, but it's not that simple. The author had to arrange, organize, and build his story carefully and creatively, and he did an excellent job. Maybe the best thing about how Bethel did it is that I wasn't conscious of the writer being there at all, or of any particular style or choice of words. All I was aware of was being horrified at the unfolding characters and events, realizing that it was real, that the same thing could happen to me, to anyone. We don't live in La La Land where being nice to people changes them for the better. The landscape is full of bad actors, evil doers, who will only ramp up their evil when naive outlooks provide increased opportunities to do so. Human evil, unrepentant and irrevocable, is displayed here - defeated ultimately by the heroic refusal of the kidnapped victim to give up and by his fighting defiantly to learn and to remember all the facts and details of his captivity (such as the date his wife left the country, so that he could refute her signature on that critical document) which allows the good guys to bring justice to the bad ones. It is a true book and a shocking one, more revelatory of the depravity and evil in human nature than many people will want to know about, let alone acknowledge, unfortunately. I was thinking that the kidnap-ee's wife (somewhat fictionalized), whose character evolves with surprising complexity, reminds me of Benecio Del Toro's character in Sicario...she was a wolf, and increasingly, it is a world of wolves.
Clegg Cafferyon January 14, 2017

This book is truly a page turner. The fact that the book is based on actual events makes it all the more incredible. As Bethel details the horrible ordeal which the main character endures, you will find yourself asking, "how could a man survive that?" And, "could I possibly be that strong?". Just when you are sure the book is about to reach its climax, it's just getting started. Just when you think you know what's coming next, the author takes you somewhere else altogether. I recommend this to anyone who enjoys a great crime/suspense novel. I imagine anyone from the Miami area will especially enjoy the way Bethel paints the landscape and captures the essence of Miami. I can't wait to read Bethel's next work!
Russell Geddeson December 29, 2016

I just finished this thriller by J. David Bethel. It is based on a true story that took place in Miami, Florida. It is certainly a page turner that keeps the reader on the edge of their seat. The author has the ability to describe the characters and story in such a way that you feel as if you are right there as an observer as frightening as it is at times. Great book and looking forward to Bethel's next novel!
paulette wardon December 20, 2016

Bethel's new novel Blood Moon will draw you into a chilling story that is based on a gruesome true crime. Once you start reading it be ready to continue until you are finished. It is impossible to put down. I have been a fan of Bethel's since discovering his first novel Evil Town. He's actually outdone himself with Blood Moon. Read it. You'll love it. Guaranteed.
maria heinenon December 11, 2016

This book is a novel based on actual events. The darkness of what happens to the victims in this story is given complete credence by the fact that the forward was written by the real-life person who survived everything that was done to him and the afterward by the investigator who worked with him later.

I have known David Bethel for many years and have had the opportunity to read earlier books he has written, which were also very good, but I do believe that this is his best work so far. He did a terrific job of conveying all the horror done to the characters without excessive graphic descriptions and yet kept the story chilling and tense. It definitely keeps you glued. A must read for sure!!
Becky Ruffon February 1, 2017

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