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Meg Kelly

Glenn Kessler

President Trump has broken 2,000.
With just 10 days before he finishes his first year as president, Trump has made 2,001 false or misleading claims in 355 days…That’s an average of more than 5.6 claims a day.

{Glenn Kessler and Meg Kelly, The Washington Post, January 10, 2018}

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My name is Jane Stranz. I was born and brought up in Britain and am an ordained minister of the United Reformed Church. For over ten years I worked as a parish minister in the Eglise Réformée de France in Dunkerque, Chambéry and Ferney-Voltaire. From July 2002 to October 2011 I led the language service of the World Council of Churches in Geneva. Currently I’m working on a two year mission on ecumenical relations, inter-religious dialogue and inter-cultural ministry with the Fédération Prostestante de France based in Paris. It’s going to be exciting and a steep learning curve. I’m married to Stephen Brown a journalist, researcher and theologian who works at