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The Woman in White Marble

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Poems by Nicholas Alexander

I am a teacher of English and Philosophy. I am also a poet. My works have been published in The Jamaica Gleaner, The Jamaica Observer, Caribbean Voice magazine, Small Axe: sx salon, Tongues of the Ocean(Bahamas), Poets against War, The Cartier Street Review, Auckland Poetry(New Zealand), The Black Collegian, Angelfire, Mr. Africa Poetry Lounge, Eos, Truml(Poland), Poemhunter, The First Cut(Ireland), The Camel Saloon, The Bamboo Forest, A Handful of Stones, Nazar Look(Romania, United World Poets, Poets Online and the Calabash anthology So Much Things To Say and Meditations on Divine Names, edited by Maria Anna Trochimczyk.

In 2008 I was awarded a fellowship with Calabash International Writers; Workshop.I have also been featured on e-Buffet's online magazine Postcards from the people of Earth, Squid Inc.(UK), B-Gina Review as well as on TV programs and in newspapers in Jamaica. I am also listed in the prestigious Poets&Writers directory. I was also awarded the Rebones Blues Cafe Poet of the Year in 2015.


Rome: Home of the Gods (for Mellissa)

This is Rome, converted home of the gods,
seat of the Papacy, and of the Renaissance,
place of the Leaning Tower
and the sword of Antiquity,
artifact of artifacts,
house of the divine
imagination, where heroes wrestle gods,
push boulders up infinite hills.
We pray, hands clasped,
in Michelangelo's depiction
of St. Peter's Basilica, marveling
at its baroque architecture.
Then, off to the Sistine Chapel
to view the outstretched finger of God,
the magnificent Vatican
Museums; then to the Coliseum,
to witness the spectacles
of Classical Mythology:
gladiatorial contests, mock sea battles,
animal hunts, executions
and battle reenactments.
There's a sense of history here
in this partially-ruined monument
devastated by earthquakes and
stone-robbers; today used as fortress and shrine-
a symbol of the resilience of its people
and our love,
a monument shaken
but surviving the
ruins of time.

Copyright © 2017 Nicholas Alexander


Haiku sequence

leafless tree
on a book, branches like hands
begging for rain

an AC unit
thundering at your ears
like a coming storm

while Time drizzles
its wet disappointment
into your pen

Copyright © 2017 Nicholas Alexander


The stuff of escapists

Late evening. You frisk
down the road, around
the bend, then the next
until the sight of that
familiar town is almost
in sight. The air is light
like a body relieved
of its waste. Ah, the stuff
of escapists! The sweet
smell of freedom ripens
the atmosphere, greater
than any blossom from
the myriad mango trees
that stain yards like these.
The night will end
in conversation:
the reasoning of men-
the reason we converge
away from women
to release the waste of days
spent fretting over the free-
dumb they've stolen from us.

Copyright © 2017 Nicholas Alexander