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Kimelene CarrPoems by Kimelene Carr

Kimelene Carr is a writer who lives on the island of Trinidad. Her debut novel, Sans Espoir, is a West Indian drama that exposes readers to the local Trinidad culture. Apart from writing, she also enjoys reading, reciting (and composing) poems as well as listening to music, especially Bon Jovi.

As a child growing up. Kimelene Carr wanted to be a doctor. However, at the age of 14, her then English A teacher at B.A.H.S, Mrs. Paddington, made her aware of her gift for writing. She had always loved writing short stories and poems, but she had never realized her natural ability until it was awakened by her teacher. However she didn't pursue a career in writing until 2013, when she began freelance writing through various consulting agencies. Encouraged by her husband, she decided to start following her dream of becoming a writer.

Besides Sans Espoir, she has written many poems and is currently compiling them for publication and is also in the process of publishing her next novel, Surreal, which was previewed at the end of Sans Espoir.



The snow in the moon
Would have fallen the same
Skies without darkness
Eternity the frame.

For there never was a limit
To an ever expanding blue
Even the colours under the gold
Will forever wear their hue.

For bright is the buttercup
With hands caressing the bloom
No burning or fire
Dewdrops sans the doom.

©2014 Kimelene Carr


The Desert in the Glass

And for a wish
Hearts beyond cumulus will soar
A word unspoken
To where a never bird flies
Meeting palm to palm
Eternally knocking
At the alreading opened door.

Why persist
When pleasure holds wide
Arms around grassy plains
And dewy mountains capped in Artic Blue?
Through the Wonderland keyhole
Peep and behold the beauty outside.

For time has no hands
Om a clock without a face
Where beauty will never fade
Into the mist covering the moors
And footseps cannot the distance trace.

Because we are now
More than a wish to come true
We are real
Me and you.

©2015 Kimelene Carr


If Dawn Could Remain

Out poured
My emotions in rain
Down came falling the feelings
From which I had refrained

A maddening terror
Like lightning in my veins
The reverberating thunder
That bellowed in the storm that came

A shower of tears
Torrential it became
Words on the wind
Pounding against my mind’s frame

For the increasing floodwaters
There is no drain
And so it erodes and devastates
The sanity I once claimed

Yet the dark cloud that hides the sun
Cannot be blamed
But it’s the rays that refuse to shine
Through my life’s window pane

Can I stop a typhoon
Raging and unrestrained?
There’s nothing that can be done
No way to hurt the pain

©2014 Kimelene Carr


Inner Turmoil

The morning had cracked
The yoke fallen from the blue
Winter had banished the birds
Together with dreams they flew

And the burial underneath
Did not feel the drops of rain
But laid bare and sacrificial
Soaking in the pain

No more a summer day
But a morbid glacier fear
No more a spring breeze blowing by
Only the storm in a tear

©2014 Kimelene Carr



There’s a pattern
hich exists
the threads of which
are chosen

It is sometimes
ripped apart
Or stitched together again
each thread delicately

Which pattern
The wearer
should know

Discard it?
Throw it away?
Or let it match the garment for show?

©2013 Kimelene Carr