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Sex versus Survival

by John Launer

Sex vesus Survival is available in paper back from:
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Sex versus Survival is the first biography of Sabina Spielrein to put her life and ideas at the center of the story, and aimed at the general reader. Famous for her affair with Carl Jung and her part in the rift between Jung and Freud, Sabina Spielrein was also a highly original thinker in her own right. Drawing on her sexual encounters with Jung, she proposed a radical theory of human sexuality. It was rejected by Freud and his successors, but much of it has been vindicated by modern discoveries including the 'selfish gene' and evolutionary psychology. 'Sex versus Survival' offers a short and highly readable account of Spielrein's life and ideas. It draws on her diaries and papers, her correspondence with Jung and Freud, and a wide range of sources that have become available since John Kerr wrote 'A Dangerous Method' almost twenty years ago. ‘Sex versus Survival’ tells the story of Sabina Spielrein in an entirely new way, stakes a claim for her genius.

John Launer is a doctor, family therapist, educator and writer. His main areas of interest include narrative-based medicine, and clinical supervision for doctors. He works at the Tavistock Clinic in London and the London Department of Postgraduate Medical Education (the London Deanery).

John is co-editing a book with Lucia Sommers for Springer Publishing, entitled Clinical Uncertainty in Family Medicine: The Challenge of Engagement, and has previously published five other books including Narrative-Based Primary Care: A Practical Guide (Radcliffe) and How Not to be a Doctor, and other Essays (Royal Society of Medicine Press). He was a columnist for Doctor and Hospital Doctor for over twenty years, and contributed the Coda column to the international medical journal QJM from 2002 to 2008. He is now a regular contributor to the Postgraduate Medical Journal.

John lectures and runs workshops widely in the United Kingdom and abroad. In the last few years he has given invited presentations and workshops in Finland, Denmark, Norway, Turkey, Israel, Japan and the United States and Canada.