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The Woman in White Marble

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Dis-Ease: Living with Prostate Cancer

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Bodmin Moor, Cornwall, EnglandJames Lawer has recentlly moved to New York City. His retirement has only made him busier but probably no less naughty.  He was raised in the Army, became a teacher, professor and United Church of Christ clergy, from which he exhaled a pleasing breath and became a Pagan Druid Priest.  He is Provost for the Druid College of North America, runs a sweat lodge in his back yard, plays the harp for personal pleasure, and is a Certified Teacher for The Cuyamungue Institute, specializing in Ecstatic Wisdom Postures as rediscovered by Dr. Felicitas Goodman.  His personal motto is "Reclaiming the human capacity for ecstasy."  Twice he has worked in the midst of death and dying, first for the UCC AIDS Ministry (No CA/Nevada Conference) at the height of the AIDS crisis in the San Francisco Bay Area, and then for hospice, from which he retired.  Jim currently uses trance states, induced with the help of rattles and drums, to provide a context within which people may find connections to ancestors and to their own inner wisdom, in order to make meaningful transitions and expansions of consciousness.  He works with individuals and with groups.  His other motto:  “Laughter is a prophetic act,” and one of his closest friends is an old woman who was a street clown back in the day.