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Václav Havel

There is only one thing I will not concede: that it might be meaningless to strive in a good cause.

{Václav Havel}

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My Gentle War

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Absolute Sunset

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Sex Versus Survival

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JamaicaThe Back Road Café is for people who like to write and like to read. In cafés around the world individuals sit over coffee thinking, reading, writing and watching the day go by. Groups of people converse, debate, laugh and set the world to rights. The Back Road Café is a place where people can think, write and converse.

This virtual café is where I share some of my own thoughts and work. Café Talk is my personal blog. Books is where you can find descriptions of books I and others have published. In Nonfiction and Fiction I will include a wide range of my and other people's writing.

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Dale Rominger 

                                 What's New


Dale Rominger

Because of current events in the US, recently my thoughts have gone to the Czech Republic, or more accurately returned to Czechoslovakia of the past. I visited Prague shortly after the Velvet Revolution and fell in love with the culture and many Czech writers, in particular Václav Havel. I read all is work translated into English, including the plays he wrote for the Czech Theater of the Absurd. Havel wrote extensively about resistance and how the Samizdat contributed to the downfall of the Soviet Union. What really stayed with me was his claim that even the most insignificant act was in actuality significant. Not bad news for someone like me.

So, this week in Café Talk I've written, in Trumpland Resistance and the Absurdity of Václav Havel, how Havel's thoughts are relevant today as many of us face at least four years of legitimate democratic resistance.

{To go directly to Café Talk click here.}


Asper BlurryI'm very pleased to feature an unusual book by Asper Blurry entitled Train to the Edge of the Moon. It has been written of Asper: "Her voice is genuine, blunt and raw, sometimes poetic and mysterious. She writes freely about our ordinary life and the reality of modern, young people. She's not afraid of addressing controversial issues such as addictions, depression and intolerance. She's convinced that if her writing touches your soul or makes you feel something, all those nights spent in the darkness on the other side will be worth it." And in a review of the book itself: "If you’re looking for a totally fresh writing style with complicated characters, blunt honesty, and an edgy narrative, then this is the book for you."

To read more about Train to the Edge of the Moon and Asper, go to Books in the main menu or click here.


Deborah Streeter

Deborah Streeter welcomes us to 2017 by looking back and looking forward in Walking from 2016 to 2017. Here's a flavor of what you'll find: "After 8 years of an incredibly fit and physical president, we now have an overweight slob whose only physical activity is chasing women and grabbing pussy and headlines." And: "Too many great people took their last steps on this earth in 2016.  Surely they are strolling in heaven.  John Glenn, Gwen Ifill, Leonard Cohen, Debbie Reynolds, Carrie Fisher, Elie Weisel, Muhammed Ali, Gene Wilder, Umberto Eco, Alan Rickman and my neighbor Owen Greenan are among the ones I miss the most."

Do have a look, you'll enjoy the read.

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Gabrielle Barnby

I'm really pleased to say that Gabrielle Barnby is back with a new short story. In the past The Back Road Café has published Jeopardy and Listen by Gabrielle, and both stories were very popular. Now for the Christmas season, Gabrielle offers a short but poignant story entiltled Gift. Towards the beginning of the story we read: "A week later it was my birthday. A wrinkled five pound note flopped like a wilted leaf from my card. It had been touched by many hands, used to buy bread, milk, cigarettes or perhaps a part contribution to a pair of shoes. Why did tears prick when I first saw the grey and blue queen?"

I really encourage you to read Gift. Gabrielle is a writer of insight who speaks to the very heart of who we are. To go directly to Gift, click here. (To read Gabrielle's other two stories just scroll down.)


Matt WoollardFor the past couple of weeks The Back Road Café has been featuring Matt Woollard's sshort story Sleeper. It's a great story and to go directly to Sleeper click here.

This week The Café begins to feature Matt's sci fi novel, Abaddonian Dream. From the book blurb: "Androids have returned to society after a failed uprising decades ago. Not everyone is pleased to see them back…Interpol Agent Hammell is a man without purpose ever since Providence, an A.I. controlled global surveillance network, took over policing. Why are the androids so reluctant to investigate? And in a world run by machines, is mankind still in control? The more Hammell investigates, the deeper the mystery gets. All the while Hammell dreams of escaping a world improving too rapidly around him, leaving him behind. He dreams of making a new life on a planet unspoiled by man or machine. He dreams of Abaddon."

Abaddonian Dream is a dystopian tech-noir mystery that will have you guessing all the way to the thrilling conclusion. For more information about the book and the chance to read the first few chapters, go to Books in the main menu or click here.  


Julie MannI'm very pleased to welcome Julie Mann to The Back Road Café. Julie is from Vancouver, Canadian, and says of herself: "I am the cream half of a coffee-and-cream couple, mom to three children and various pets. I love music and dance, champagne and chocolate. When I have half a chance, I like to relax by reading and digging in the dirt. I am passionate about issues affecting women in the world."

The Back Road Café will be featuring Julie's book, Backshadow, for the next few weeks. From the book blurb: "Some women keep secrets, and some women are kept by their secrets. Like shadows they follow, intimately connected to flesh and blood, a lingering reminder of something past, something dark…" But to give you a real sense of the book, we have included an excerpt which I know you will enjoy and value.

To learn more about Backshadow and read the excerpt click here.


Henry and AnjaAnja and Henry are back with Wale Watching in Samana Bay. Samana Bay is in the Dominican Republic and Anja and Henry write: "We would like to share a truly amazing experience with you, one of the most amazing things on our journey: We went whale watching in Samana Bay. Every winter, around 1000 humpback whales travel to Samana Bay to mate and bring up their calves."

Do have look. Anja and Henry have sent in some great photos of these amazing animals.

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Following Henry and Anja on:


                    Short Fiction at the Café

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Kata MlekOrdinary Life by Kata Mlek
What does it mean to always want an ordinary life?



Lionel NtasanoRecipe for an Escape by Lionel Ntasano

The death of a father leads a young man on a journey of identity and the discovery of a new home.



Gabrielle BarnbyJeopardy by Gabrielle Barnby.

Two couples meet at the train station on a hot Australian day. Liza and Delia board a train for Sydney and through conversations and memories things change forever.



E.J. Willis

A Short Tale from Falyncia: Refugees by E.J. Willis 



A story of fantasy, sword fights, kingdoms to conquer, a strong heroine, and protagonists you can love and antagonists to hate.


M.P McVeyThe Dark, Troubled Ground by M.P McVey.


There certainly is a strange sort of magic in Tucker, Ohio. It seeps out of the grass and flowers, traveling through the trees and the two rivers that trap this small town; a supernatural air of mystery. 


 TDale Romingerhe Poetry of Being Human by Dale Rominger

Love, political strife, and the power of language in a story of two people meeting and falling in love in a the hothouse that was Central America in the mid 1980’s.

 Martha Goes to Paris by Dale Rominger

 A satirical look at George W. Bush’s America. Over dinner Martha tells George she wants to visit Paris with her friend Peggy. Things will never be the same for either of them.    


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Roberta RomingerWhatever Next? by Roberta Rominger's. Roberta shares book reviews and thoughts concerning contemporary church life in the U.S. and beyond.

The link to Whatever Next? is located in the left sidebar or to go directly to the page click here.


James Lawer

Writings by James Lawer includes Jim's poetry and essays. 

All the links to James' writing are located in the left sidebar. Or to go directly to his poetry click here, his essays click here. 

Also, click here to visit James' website Earth-Centered Healing and Spirituality in New York City.


Kevin Brown 


A Dialogue with Dietrich: In Search of Church by Kevin Brown.

All links to A Dialogue are located in the left sidebar, or to go directly to Kevin's essay click here.


Gayle Madison

Soul Desire by Gayle Madison is a collection of reflections on love and the sacred nature of ordinary experience.


All links to Soul Desire are in the left sidebar, but to access the reflections directly click here.


Phil Nevard

Little Things Please Little Minds by Phil Nevard. A motorcycle pilgrimage through Northern Ireland with a helmet cam, a camera and a notebook.

All links to Little Things Please Little Minds  are in the left sidebar, but to go directly Phil's blog and photos click here.