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Song of Regretful Sorrow

Come sing a song of regretful sorrow

In memory of absent, fallen souls

Who acted in the now, not the ‘morrow,

To save and help others reach vital goals.

Gaining such results meant taking a chance

Of bodily injury, or even demise;

Care for others, not one’s self, leads perchance

To obtaining a spiritual prize.

Those who have sacrificed their mortal life

Include both “friend” or “foe”,  male or female,

Adult or child, trained, or not, to quell strife

In venues found at sea, in air, or on dale.

            From what inner base doth such as these come?

            A core of love honed to a focused sum.


  Peter N. Robertson

 10 May 2018

©  2018 Peter N. Robertson & Co., Inc.

                                   All Rights Reserved

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